Blockchain Usage

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Data Queries and Systems Development

Yepple possesses extensive knowledge of the blockchain structure and how to query data from it in a professional and well-organized way. We can set up routines of data query and deliver to your organization the information it needs regarding any data of transactions, wallet holders, NFTs statistics and much more that could be helpful for your organization/team/project systems.

We will be happy to schedule a call with you to get a grasp on your needs and to let you know how we will be able to help you out in your data query adventure.

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Smart-Contracts development / consulting services

Certified by the Emurgo Academy, our smart-contract experts will be able to provide you with consulting and clear solutions regarding your smart contract's needs.

A common mistake is assuming that you need smart contracts for your problem. At Yepple we'll discuss with your team and determine if smart contracts are necessary before diving into smart contract development

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Web2/Web3 App Development / Consulting Services

The Yepple development team benefits from an impressive range of developers' expertise: Cybersecurity, Systems Administration, Full-Stack Web Development, Smart-Contracts integration, Web3 Architecture and much more.

We KNOW how to deliver quality products that will answer your development needs. Our communication skills are also one of our strengths and you can feel safe about receiving constant feedback about the work being done for you.

Contact us through our service request to schedule a meeting with one of our representatives and let's work together!

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