Fungible Tokens

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Creating tokenomics for your project's token is very important and time-consuming. The Yepple team can assist you with the creation of your tokenomics and help you avoid various pitfalls. If you require additional expertise, let us know and we'll set up a call with our experts!

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Fungible Tokens Mint, Registration

Upon the creation of your Fungible tokens, they will need to be registered to the Cardano Token Registry as well as the most well-known decentralized exchanges such as Minswap, Muelsiswap, etc. We can provide insights on the best way to distribute them efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Providing Utility to Your Fungible Tokens

Yepple has created many systems that allow projects to have fungible token utility. Schedule a call with us today and let's talk about bringing utility to your tokens!

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Tokens as a method of payment for your NFTs

Yepple supports any native token payments for your sale. We also support the combination of native tokens as payments. We tailor our solutions to your needs.

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Custom Developments Inquiries Integrating Native Tokens into Web Applications

The team at Yepple will work with you on developing a friendly UI/UX that allows the integration of Native Tokens and their utility in a web application. Schedule a call with us and let’s chat about your ideas!

Fungible Token